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Aleksandar Zecevic

Interdisciplinary Aesthetics

Much of my work on science and religion has focused on the notion of beauty, and its implications for science, art and theology. I am currently in the process of writing a trilogy on beauty, which will consist of a reader on aesthetics (Perpectives on Aesthetics), a technical book that discusses how certain areas of modern science are related to beauty (The Many Faces of Complexity), and a broadly accessible book with the working title The Beauty of Nature and the Nature of Beauty. This trilogy is designed to provide the theoretical framework for a new interdisciplinary course that I am currently developing.

My principal objective in writing these books has been to examine the different ways in which humans encounter and appreciate beauty. We do this on several different levels - we create beauty (through art), we discover its physical manifestations (using scientific methods), we think about its meanings and origins (in the context of philosophy and history), and we experience it through the sacred (which is the subject of theology). I find it fascinating that all of these diverse topics and disciplines are related in subtle ways, and that beauty represents a common focal point for all of them (the diagram shown below illustrates this point quite nicely).

Diagram showing the humanities and sciences connected through beauty