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CENG 139/259
Groundwater Hydrology
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Course Syllabus


Ed Maurer (click for web site)

Class Meeting Time and Office Hours:

MWF 1:00 - 2:05, EC 101
Office Hours: Tues. 3:45p-5p (EC 230), Thurs. 4:00-5:00 pm, or at other times by appointment, Room EC237.

Texts (recommended but not required):

  1. A basic hydrology/hydraulics text, such as: Hydrology and Hydraulic Systems, Third or Fourth Ed., R.S. Gupta,, Waveland Press (Used also in CENG 140/141 in past years).
  2. Basic Groundwater Hydrology, 1983, USGS Water-Supply Paper 2220
  3. Principles of Ground Water Hydrology, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, IHD Volume 10, 1972.
  4. Groundwater Hydrology, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Manual 1110-2-1421, 1999.
  5. Ground-Water Availability in the United States, USGS Circular 1323, 2008.

Course Description:

Groundwater occurrence, flow principles, flow to wells, and regional flow. Groundwater contamination, management, and numerical modeling.

Course Goals:

In this class we will study the occurence and movement of groundwater, focusing on quantitiative analysis. Students will gain abilities to analyze the drawdown of the groundwater table near pumping wells, and to examine the potential land subsidence associated with that. There will also be a focus on regional groundwater movement employing the computer model MODFLOW, probably the most widely used groundwater model, and to evaluate the sustainability of using groundwater as a water source.


CENG 141 & 140, or permission of instructor

Grading and other class policies:

The grading structure for this class is (it may be adjusted during the first half of the course):

Homeworks, labs, and class participation: 45%
Modeling project 25%
Midterm Exam and quizzes 30%