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Groundwater Hydrology
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This page contains files, spreadsheets, or other materials that are supplements to the textbook, class material, and homeworks. Click on the title to download the file. Some of these may require a password to open, which I will supply in class.

Reading (excerpts) for Homework 1

Grain Size Distribution Plot

Article: Groundwater in California - Pumping ancient water; Background journal article

ASTM constant head permeameter test standards

Flow Nets

Flow Net Example - in class

Spreadsheet example for flow net construction

Theis Method for Transient Drawdown Analysis

Spreadsheet demonstrating Theis solutions

Theis Overlay Using Powerpoint

GRACE Resources

Famiglietti, J. S., M. Lo, S. L. Ho, J. Bethune, K. J. Anderson, T. H. Syed, S. C. Swenson, C. R. de Linage, and M. Rodell (2011), Satellites measure recent rates of groundwater depletion in California's Central Valley, Geophys. Res. Lett., 38, L03403

Famiglietti, J. S. (2014), The global groundwater crisis, Nature Climate Change 4, 945–948.

Slug Tests

USGS Slug Test Field Methods

ASTM Slug Test Field Methods

Bouwer Slug Test Analysis Procedures

Aquifer Hydraulics and Tests: Ferris et al., 1962 (USGS 1536-E)

Artificial Groundwater Recharge

Bouwer, Artificial recharge of groundwater: hydrogeology and engineering, Hydrogeology Journal (2002) 10:121–142, 2001

Santa Clara Valley Water District - Groundwater Management (including recharge)

Modflow Project

Konikow, L.F., Modeling Chloride Movement in the Alluvial Aquifer at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Colorado, USGS Water Supply Paper 2044, 1977

MODFLOW documention selected portions

Engineering Economics Summary


Midterm Exam Equation Sheets

Groundwater Footprint article

Manual for Sand-Tank Groundwater Flow Model