About Me!

I was born in Beni-Suef, the capital of a governorate, with the same name, located 120 Km to the south of Cairo, in 1981. Although Beni-Suef is considered a small city, I have adorabale memories where I grown up and met my first true love, my beloved wife, Asmaa.

I had my first true and hard life experiences when I moved to Cairo to start my higher education in Cairo University. It was a huge jump for me to move from Beni-Suef with the 2-million population to Cairo with the 17-million population. During my study for the Bachelor and Master degrees, I stayed in my family's apartment in Cairo, and then moved to my lovely apartment near to the Giza Pyramids where I got married.

Although I am busy with my family and career, I try to find time to play my favorite sports: soccer, volleyball, and Ping-Pong. I also like to read science fiction novels and see action movies. After being blessed with my children (Ahmad and Salma), I like most to spend time playing with them and witnessing their growth day after day.

Finally, and not last, I bear a huge gratefulness and love to my dear parents who sacrificed and supported me, emotionally and financially, a lot, and they are still.

A picture of my small happy family: from the left; me, my son Ahmad, my little princess Salma, and my beloved wife Asmaa. This was after my Ph.D. graduation walk in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in May 2010. Thanks God for your blessings!
My Ph.D. Officemates, from left: me, Ibrahim Odeh, Wallied Orabi, Omar El-Anwar    
Volleyball group in Urbana-Champaign, IL. 2009.   
Soccer group in West Lafayette, IN. 2010.   
Helping Habitat for Humanity in its noble mission, summer 2014   
LEFT: Meidum Pyramid, one of the oldest pyramids of Ancient Egypt, located in my home sate in Egypt, Beni-Suef. RIGHT: The great sphinx of Egypt with the pyramid of Khafre in the back ground. I used to see the pyramids from my apartment in Giza, but not anymore because of the massive urban development around it!
View of the River Nile crossing the sparkling Cairo, the city that does not sleep! unforgettable view!!!
A picture of the Great Dome of Cairo University established in 1904 as the first Egyptian university. Although its limited financial resources from the government, Cairo University graduates excel in both professional and academic endeavors.